Timely Kreations

Creativity has always ran through my veins. From my attire, drawings, abstract paintings, teaching and more, I have always felt the need to express myself through design.


This project started from making abstract paintings for friends, then from there derived making birthday outfits for kids, gift baskets and special designs for friends’ birthdays, weddings and holidays. I was able to create whatever the client wanted at a great price. I started getting more and more calls to create items for different occasions, so I thought it would be a great idea to start a business from the success I have had thus far.


All of my designs have been considered to be,

“Always Timely, Never Fashionably Late!”


I’m always adding a new twist to my designs to make them different from the norm – unique!


I will imagine what you want, explore all options for designs and give you an extraordinary, original and TIMELY design from “Timely Kreations”.


Thanks for visiting this website, and I look forward to creating something for you soon.


For booking inquiries on motivational speaking or arts/crafts events, please email.



Tymli A. Frierson